Hej alla vackra varelser!


Thank you everyone who was at the Tantra Festival at Ängsbacka. It was an amazing experience! We are all so grateful that we got the opportunity to come there and play and enjoy this incredible deep, inspiring, joyful, loving, heart-opening tantric festival. Wow. We are already looking forward to come back next year. Thank you everyone who was there on our night concert in the heart tent, our lunch concert in the café and our jam session at the veranda and listening, dancing, singing, playing, smiling, laughing, giving receiving and inspiring. We love you all! <3



Now we had a break and during that time we have recorded the last things on our next up coming EP- Nu är tiden inne för förändring. So its soon to be send to mixing and mastring by the excellent Linus Kallin.


Our last gig this summer is on saturday at the Ingenstansia Festival close to Mora in Dalarna, Sweden.

Everyone is welcome and hope to see many of you there !

The event on facebook:



We want to continue playing and spreading the love and change through our music so please contact us if you want us to come and play somewhere.


All the best to you beloved friends!

May you be happy and well.



Mamma Dunder med Familjen <3